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Trinket Boxes - Page 2 

Teapot Trinket Boxes are all $10.00 each and each one arrives in a crisp white Gift Box with a tea sample. If you would like to order any Trinket Box, please email me at Grandma@GrandmaRae.com

Trinket Boxes are fun collectibles; but they are NOT suited for young children, especially those who put everything in their mouths.

Fruit surround Teapot
2.25"H by 3"W
Red Apple trinket shown on left
holding up the teapot lid

Teatime Clock Teapot 
3"H by 3.5"W
Little cup trinket shown on left
sitting on ledge

Girl's Bureau Teapot
3.25"H by 4"W
Pretty blue shirt trinket shown on left
leaning against handle

Teddy Bears Playing Teapot
4.75"H by 3.25"W
Teapot is made of resin.
Lift lid to find cup cake trinket

Little Hen Teapot
3.5"H by 4.55"W
One of her fresh eggs is shown on left
where the handle top meets the pot

Moo Cow Teapot
4"H by 4"W
Baby Bottle of milk trinket shown on left
holding up the teapot lid

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