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Saying Good Bye to ... 

Stacked Tea Cups Note Pad - $3.00 ea

Sometimes you NEED a piece of paper!
Cute little note pad has a smooth cover and 224 lined pages.

Size is 4 1/8" by 5 7/8" H

Only three remain

 "Blessed" Tee Shirts - $7.75 each

Pam Coxwell's design. Size Large. 

Only four remain

Beautiful Handmade Wool Hats & Hand Dyed Flower Pins

My friend Diane has made these Flower Pins. They were fun to have and share but now it's time to say, "Good Bye."

Flower Pins are about 4 1/2" wide. The fabric is hand dyed and the flowers hand sewn. Flowers are now $3.50 each.

Please order by color. Questions? Ask me at

Antique Red (3 remain)

Lilac (2 remain) 

Diane also made wool hats with wool from her sheep. Yes, they had her flowers on the brim. They were  fun to have and share but now it's time to say, "Good Bye."

Hats can be sized with steam & stretching if you need them a bit larger. These lovelies were originally $55.00 but are now $20.00 each. Wonderful find.

Please order by name. Questions? Ask me at



Ask questions or order... 973-664-0985 or email

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